‘Protective family’ system reaches 5,000 kids

‘Protective family’ system reaches 5,000 kids

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
‘Protective family’ system reaches 5,000 kids Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry is promoting “protective family service” throughout the country in order to provide for the care of children in need of protection in a family environment. 

In 2002, the number of children in need of foster care was just 520, but the number is now close to 5,000.

Within the scope of the activities of the ministry, protective family services are being developed in order to improve children’s health in an emotional and social way, with a sense of self-sufficiency and self-confidence.

As a result of promotional meetings, the number of families covered by the service increased.

The number of foster families within the scope of the service has reached 4,053, while the number of children with a family has reached 4,933.

Within the scope of the service, Istanbul took first place with 378 foster families. This figure was followed by İzmir at 300 in and Ankara at 229. The number of children with protective families was 406 in Istanbul, 336 in İzmir and 269 in Ankara.

This year, the number of foster family applications was 1,245, the number of foster families was 676, and the number of children with foster families was 840.

15,000 children adopted

The ministry also continued to give support to 86,500 children living with their families, while 11,200 children who stayed in the institutions were returned to their families in the last 12 years. Some 15,000 children were adopted as part of a family-oriented child policy. Some 92 percent of the children under institutional care went to home care.

While the protected children were placed near protective families, 14,917 children were adopted in line with legal guidelines.

For children who are unable to stay with their family or who cannot benefit from the foster family model with social and economic support, home care is offered instead of the collective care system. In 2002, there were 17,856 children in 186 dormitories and yards, although this figure has now dropped to 20 dormitories and 1,020 children.

On the other hand, this year, a total of 5,013 children were served in 614 houses located in 90 “children’s homes complexes.”

Paying children per child

There are many possibilities for protective families within the scope of the service. Net payments are made per family to the families who are required to pay for the care, education and upbringing of the children placed in the protective family. For children with disabilities, the monthly payment is increased by 50 percent.

Three times the monthly amount is paid for children every September for school expenses, and twice in April and October each year for clothing costs. School meals and service shuttle costs for the children, as well as their course fees, are paid by the state.

Those who have protective family contracts and do not have basic social security for their retirement may have their premiums paid by the state if they apply for optional insurance under the Social Security Institution on a minimum wage.