Presidential spokesperson rejects chemical weapon allegations

Presidential spokesperson rejects chemical weapon allegations

Presidential spokesperson rejects chemical weapon allegations

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın reacted harshly to the allegations that the Turkish Armed Forces used chemical weapons.

“Chemical weapons lie is the futile effort of those who try to justify and aestheticize terrorism,” Kalin tweeted on Oct. 20.

Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Spokesperson Ömer Çelik also dismissed the allegations and said, “Those who accuse the Turkish Armed Forces of using chemical weapons are part of a vile slander network.”

These people try to show the “murders of the terrorist organization innocent,” he tweeted.

“Those who praise the murders of the PKK are attacking the [Turkish Armed Forces] TAF by representing the dirty groups,” he added.

The Turkish Defense Ministry has also rejected the allegations.

“The allegations that ‘chemical weapons’ are used by the Turkish Armed Forces, which are periodically brought to the agenda by circles who want to tarnish the fight against terrorism... and to cast a shadow on the success of the Turkish Armed Forces, are completely baseless and unrealistic,” the statement said.

The Defense Ministry said the Turkish Armed Forces does not use ammunition prohibited by international law and agreements.

This type of ammunition is not in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory, the ministry said.

The Turkish Armed Forces carry out all its operations within the scope of its self-defense rights stated in international law, it said. “It targets only terrorists and shows utmost care and sensitivity to ensure that civilians, historical, religious and cultural assets and the environment are not harmed,” the ministry said.

“All these disinformation efforts are the futile struggles of the terrorist organization [PKK] and its allies, who have come to the point of collapse as a result of the determined struggle of our hero Turkish Armed Forces and are seeking a way out with false and immoral means to get out of the difficult situation they are in,” it added.

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