Police shot down arm deserter

Police shot down arm deserter

AYDIN - Doğan News Agency
Law enforcement officials shot dead a suspect yesterday in the western province of Aydın after he attempted to run away from the courthouse where he was arrested.

Police officers had brought suspect Mahir Zorbey Demirkaya, 21, to the Aydın Efeler Police Station on the charge of “holding a minor captive,” according to reports.

Law enforcement officials then discovered Demirkaya had deserted his army unit in the eastern province of Erzincan where he had been performing his mandatory military service. The police consequently transferred suspect Demirkaya to the Aydın courthouse where judicial officials read to him the military court’s earlier verdict. Demirkaya, now under arrest and handcuffed, saw his mother Şükran Yükselen Canbazoğlu waiting before the courthouse and requested to bid farewell to her.

Once police officers removed Demirkaya’s handcuffs, he first hugged his mother and then took to his heels, according to reports.

The officers chased Demirkaya down and reportedly warned him to stop and fired in the air. Demirkaya was eventually shot in the head by police officer M.S., identified only by his initials, whose pistol went off by accident when he stumbled on the ground, according to allegations. Demirkaya passed away despite efforts of medical staff.