Police release ‘detained’ Gezi Park piano

Police release ‘detained’ Gezi Park piano

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet
Police release ‘detained’ Gezi Park piano

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The detained piano of Davide Martello, who had played it to crowds at Taksim Square in support of the Gezi Park protests, was released by the police on June 18.

“It is impossible to express my happiness,” the Italian-German musician said after reclaiming his belongings.

Martello said gas bombs were shot all of a sudden on the evening of June 16, as he was carrying the piano to the Square. “I panicked and left my piano to seek shelter in a restaurant. When the dust had settled I went back to the piano, when the police came and ordered me to close it,” explained Martello. “They took everything I had, including my keys, cell phone, and car.”

The pianist and composer was reported to have tried to get his piano back on June 17, but the officer at the Kahraman Yeddiemin parking lot in the Kasımpaşa neighborhood, where the piano was being held in custody, said a letter of permission from the security forces was necessary, as well as the payment of a 160 Turkish Lira fine.

Martello said he did not know who did what for him to return his belongings, and added that if the German and Italian Consulates agreed to guard him, he would like to play his piano on the streets of Istanbul once again.