Photos of holy lands in new book

Photos of holy lands in new book

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Photos of holy lands in new book

This photo showing an old street in Mecca is included in the book. AA photo

Old photos of the holy lands Mecca, Medina and Taif have been collected in a book titled “Medeniyet Yadigarları, Mekke-i Mükerreme, Medine-i Münevvere ve Taif” [Relics of Civilization, Holy Mecca, Enlightened Medina and Taif]. The book, written by Anees Bashir Chaudry, explains the history of three cities with photos taken between 1967 and 1984.

In the book’s introduction the writer states that his aim was to shed light on old artifacts and provide a source for researchers, while giving information about older architectural styles and enabling the next generations to establish a connection between the old and the new.

The book starts with Mecca, explaining its geographical location, neighborhoods, minarets and more. It explains that the city has been protected thanks to Ajyad, Hindi and La’l fortresses. There are 110 photos from Mecca in the book and it says most of the places photographed do not exist today.

Chaudry says Medina has more than 90 names and includes 95 photos along with his writings on the streets of the city. The book shows the train station, which was built by the Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid II, and the mosque next to it known as Mescid-i Amberriye.

The third part of the book is about Taif and includes 20 photos of the city.