Ottoman art pieces set auction records

Ottoman art pieces set auction records

A 190-piece collection of Ottoman art pieces and Turkish master artists’ paintings went under the hammer on May 24 in an auction organized by Antik AŞ in its 282nd art and antiques sale.

The highlight of the sale was expected to be the painting by 19th century Ottoman artist Osman Hamdi Bey, “Cami Önü” (The Front of the Mosque), which had an opening price of 10 million Turkish liras.

However, the piece did not end up being sold as one of its heirs put in a claim for it a day before the auction. The oil-on-canvas painting was part of the private collection of Mustafa Zeki Bey, the former mayor of Kocaeli’s Gebze district.

Other valuable paintings by famous Ottoman artist Halil Paşa, including a 1900 rendition of his masterpiece “Çeşme Yolu,” went to an undisclosed buyer for 1,200,000 liras, having had an opening price of 900,000 liras in the auction.

“Landscape” by Ottoman-era artist Hoca Ali Rıza was sold for 820,000 Turkish liras, “Self-portrait” by Republican-era artist Hale Asaf was sold for 430,000 liras, an old Qur’an was sold for 340,000 liras, and İbrahim Çallı’s famous “Magnolia” was sold for 240,000 liras. Turgay Artam, who conducted the auction, said the venue had recently experienced record sales, adding that this indicated that the Turkish art market was still on the rise.