New rules for Turkish airports unveiled

New rules for Turkish airports unveiled

New rules for Turkish airports unveiled

Turkey’s civil aviation directorate has unveiled a set of rules to be implemented in airports as the country is easing some of its measures against the coronavirus in line with its normalization program. 

The new rules are part of the pandemic certification scheme, which is designed to ensure that airports are taking all necessary precautions against COVID-19. 

According to the communique, the aviation authority issued, only passengers and their companions will be allowed into the airports while people will not be able to enter the venues to welcome or send-off travelers. 

All passengers will be required to wear protective face masks. 

The new rules also forbid cabin luggage, except for laptop computers, handbags and necessary items for toddlers. 
Passengers with fever, who cough and have respiratory problems will be referred to health care units. 

In food courts, print menus will be replaced with digital ones and if deemed necessary, the restaurants in airports will be required to provide disposable cutlery, glasses and other items. 

Social distancing will be strictly observed in the terminal’s security checkpoints and check-in areas. 

Central ventilation systems will only circulate fresh air inside the venues while the use of playgrounds for children, smoking rooms and prayer rooms may be limited depending on risk assessment. 

If the operator of the airport fails to comply with those rules, they will be subjected to administrative actions. 
Passengers will be encouraged to check-in online and use contactless payment methods. 

Turkey suspended all flights some two months ago. The country’s flag carrier Turkish Airlines plans to resume its domestic and international flights on June 4 and June 10, respectively.