New regulation may nix early marriage

New regulation may nix early marriage

New regulation may nix early marriage

The draft bill set by the ministry may nix child abuse and early marriages. Hürriyet photo

The Family and Social Policies Ministry has prepared a draft bill which will open a new chapter of protection against child abuse. Those caught having intercourse with children over the age of 15 will be tried regardless of if the child consented, a move which could nix early marriages.

The ministry completed their work in cooperation with the Scientific Study Group, which consisted of renowned law-makers. A new proposal, which will reform the Turkish Penal Code, could also be regarded as a chance to fight against the trend of early marriages. With the new proposal, important alterations will be made in the law.

Punishment for incest doubles

Every child exposed to sexual abuse will be assumed to suffer mental health problems as a result of the abuse, meaning reports from forensic medicine institution will no longer be required, daily Akşam reported.

The expression in Article 103 of the Turkish Penal Code, which reads “all kinds of sexual abuse to children under the age of 15, or above the age of 15 who do not have the capability of grasping the legal meaning and consequences of the activity,” will be abolished. Thus, those above the age of 15 will be recognized as children and all types of abuse directed at them will be regarded as criminal without consideration to the child’s consent. The punishment for child abuse suggested in Article 103, which prescribes “3-8 years in prison,” will be doubled. Article 104 of Turkish Penal Code will be radically changed as well.