Motorcycle couriers robbed of $300,000 in Istanbul

Motorcycle couriers robbed of $300,000 in Istanbul

Motorcycle couriers robbed of $300,000 in Istanbul

Two couriers riding a motorcycle were attacked by a gang who robbed them of about $300,000 in Istanbul on March. 4.

A car driven by the gang members crashed into the motorcycle of the two couriers, who were hospitalized immediately after the incident in Istanbul’s district of Beyoğlu, local media reported.

One of the couriers was seriously injured and the assailants carrying guns quickly grabbed the money bag and drove away, reports added.

The couriers were carrying the cash from an exchange office in the neighborhood of Laleli in Istanbul’s Fatih district to an undisclosed bank office, according to the reports.

“They hijacked the money by force of arms. It is about $300,000. This is the second incident of this kind in the same area. They should be stopped,” said Celal Utku, owner of the exchange office.

“Foreign investors who bring money into our country are mostly worried about such robberies. Those are people who bring into Turkey millions of dollars. Special teams should be set up for such incidents,” he added, doubting that the robbers had been spying on the exchange office before the couriers left with the money.