Ministry reveals foreign scholarship student data

Ministry reveals foreign scholarship student data

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey distributes scholarships to 3,433 students from 106 countries, according to the Ministry of Education’s official 2012 statistics.

Afghanistan-citizen students take the lead as scholarship recipients. Nearly 700 Afghan students have come to Turkey for education but only 94 of them are female, according to the list. Palestinian students number 304 and 223 Greek students chose Turkey for higher education.

Some 140 Indonesian, 105 Pakistani, 100 Mongolian and 101 Yemeni students also receive scholarships from Turkey.

Germany, Bolivia, Kuwait, Libya, Hungary, Poland, Swaziland and Zanzibar also have one scholarship student each in Turkey.

In total only 802 of the scholarships were delivered to women, but 2,631 men received scholarships.
A recent report by an Ankara-based think-tank has also revealed that 26,000 foreign students are studying at Turkish universities as of 2011. Most of foreign students come from countries with which Turkey has historic or cultural bonds, according to the study.