Minister speaks on death of Kozinoğlu

Minister speaks on death of Kozinoğlu

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Minister speaks on death of Kozinoğlu

Former intelligence operative Kaşif Kozinoğlu died on Nov. 12. AA photo

The Justice Ministry has issued a statement on the death of a member of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), Kaşif Kozinoğlu, at Silivri Prison, saying the incident is going to be investigated thoroughly.

Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin answered questions on claims and suspicions of negligence in Kozinoğlu’s death.

“This incident is a case we are monitoring very closely. We started our administrative investigation right after the incident. Also, the office of the Silivri Public Prosecutor is carrying out a legal investigation. There is no room for any concern in this matter. All the developments and incidents have been recorded minute by minute. There is no chance of anybody hiding or covering up anything,” said Ergin.

Ergin also evaluated a statement from the Health Ministry, which said there was a doctor present at the prison’s policlinic but he had not been informed. “There will be separate investigations for every doubt, every suspicion and every claim, all of them. None of these can be ignored. If there is any negligence, malpractice or anything different from these, all of them will be brought to light. If there is any wrongdoing, it will be punished. There is no room for concern.”

The Turkish Ministry of Health also made an announcement regarding Kozinoğlu’s death on Thursday, saying that a doctor was on duty in Silivri Prison at the time of Kozinoğlu’s death, however, no information was given to the doctor regarding his heart attack.