Migrant crisis ‘should not be wasted’: UK envoy

Migrant crisis ‘should not be wasted’: UK envoy

Öykü Altuntaş - Doğan News Agency
Migrant crisis ‘should not be wasted’: UK envoy

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The migrant crisis which has revived the stagnant relationship between the European Union and Turkey “should not be wasted,” British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore has said in an interview with Doğan News Agency.

“Look, if it takes migration to revive the process between the EU and Turkey, then fine, let’s use that crisis. There is an expression in English: Never waste a crisis. Let’s build on it, make sure we continue the momentum,” Moore said following an opening speech at the Turkey-U.K. partnership conference in Istanbul on Feb. 18.

The ambassador also underlined that the United Kingdom had been one of the strongest supporters of Turkey in the country’s bid to join the EU, vowing to maintain British support.

“The migration crisis will perhaps make people aware of the central importance of Turkey as a strategic partner for Europe. I hope that we have not forgotten that the strategic partnership of Turkey covers a much broader range of issues, not only migration,” Moore said.

He also said binding Turkey closer to the EU was necessary given the latest developments in the region.

“I think in this very uncertain world when we look around at what is happening in Syria, Russia and Iraq, binding Turkey closer to the European Union has to be in both Turkey’s and the EU’s interest,” he said, adding that the EU accession process was excellent both for driving reforms and innovation in Turkey.