McGurk's accusations against Turkey complete nonsense: Spokesman

McGurk's accusations against Turkey complete nonsense: Spokesman

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
McGurks accusations against Turkey complete nonsense: Spokesman

Turkish presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın rejected the accusations of former U.S. special presidential envoy against Turkey.

“Your analysis is flawed. Your accusations against Turkey are complete nonsense, only a repetition of PKK propaganda,” Kalın said in a Twitter post on Jan. 19.

Brett McGurk, who served as special envoy for the U.S.-led coalition against Daesh for three years, resigned last December following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria

McGurk shared his Washington Post article titled “Trump said he beat ISIS. Instead, he’s giving it new life" on Twitter night on Jan. 18, urging Trump "to reverse orders to withdraw and reassess". 

Regarding McGurk's anti-Turkey discourse in the article, Kalın tweeted, "Turkey has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrian Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians and others." 

"You want to give new life to PKK. Won’t happen,” Kalın wrote.

 Turkey's Ambassador in Washington Serdar Kılıç also took Twitter to react to McGurk’s remarks. 

“One should have a nerve to accuse others for the challenges in Syria, when actually he is the one who has mislead the consecutive US Administrations and created these problems for all of us. His welcome departure will help us prevent further disasters in Syria,” Kılıç wrote on Twitter. 

The PKK is listed a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S and the European Union.

The YPG/PYD is the group's Syrian branch.