Massive narcotics raid held by Ankara police

Massive narcotics raid held by Ankara police

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Massive narcotics raid held by Ankara police

Police breaks into the suspects’ house, detaining 61 persons. AA photo

Almost 2,000 police officers accompanied by two helicopters performed a sweeping raid in Ankara on 170 different locations at dawn July 16, simultaneously around Çinçin, Yenidoğan and Hıdırlıktepe, three highly impoverished districts of the city.

The police, alongside units from the Special Operation Team, broke into the suspects’ houses and took 61 persons into custody over allegations of narcotic and related crimes, Anadolu Agency reported, noting that vast numbers of guns, bullets and drugs were seized during the operation.

Leaders of a crime organization suspected of armed attacks, robberies and looting among other crimes as well as drug smuggling were also taken into custody. They have also been accused of being involved in seven cases of murder.

The police operation was initiated upon an order by the Ankara public prosecutor and was administered by Ankara Police Chief Kadir Ay.

Last year, the same crime organization was involved in armed assaults against night clubs named 1001 Gece, Bacardi and Ciklet, for not allowing the sale of drugs.