Local tastes festival in Bozcaada

Local tastes festival in Bozcaada

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Local tastes festival in Bozcaada The Bozcaada Tourism Operators Association (BOZTID) will organize the 5th Tenedos Local Tastes Festival from Sept. 12-14.

During the three-day event on the picturesque island, guests will be able to sample local cuisine food numerous restaurants, including Eski Kahve, Şişman Restaurant, Kasaba Ada, Boruzan, Battı Balık, Şehir Restaurant, Mor Meyhane, Asma 6, Simyon Meyhane, Dionysos, Adam, Polente Cafe, Cabali Sokak, Çiçek Bakerie, Cabalı Meyhane, Kuzina, Salkım, Bade-i Aşk,Bağ Badem, Irmak Pansiyon, Patiska Bağ Evi, Bizbize Cafe, Asmalı Meyhane,Oda Cafe, Martı Restaurant,Kuşlu Konak, and Hasan Tefik Restaurant.

A number of hotels and cafes on Bozcaada will welcome their guests with local breakfasts, while bars and taverns will create unique cocktails prepared with fruits from the island.

On Sept. 13, visitors will be able to enjoy homemade dishes in the center of the village, while singer Suzan Kardeş is scheduled to perform a concert on the same day.

For further information please visit www.bozcaadayerellezzetler.com.