Landlord becomes ‘guest’ of his tenants

Landlord becomes ‘guest’ of his tenants

Landlord becomes ‘guest’ of his tenants

In an incident first of its kind, a landlord in the western province of İzmir, has started living in his house with his tenants, waiting for them to leave.

“I am like a guest of my renters,” 50 year-old Engin Alkan told the daily Milliyet on Aug. 14.

The weird situation started taking place when Alkan bought a house in the Çeşme district in February with a promise by its former owner, saying that “the tenants will leave in April.”

Alkan started residing in one room of his office, however the renters refused to leave as their contract “was finishing in July.”

“In June, the office I was working in was closed, and I was just down not knowing what to do,” Alkan said, adding that he started settling at hotel rooms, waiting for his tenants’ departure in July.

When July came, the tenants refused to leave, challenging him to “meet them in court.”

“My lawyer advised me to compromise with the renters as a discharge lawsuit would last a minimum of a year,” he said.

The tenants “accepted” him to stay with them as he asked if he could “live with them.”

“We have an agreement concluded before a notary public. They will leave in September,” he said and went to say: “If they do not, they I will have to go to court.”

When asked if they have any problem while residing together, Alkan said, “Not up to now. Some evenings, we drink tea together.”