Karaca Island for sale for $24.3 mln

Karaca Island for sale for $24.3 mln

Karaca Island for sale for $24.3 mln

The owner of Karaca Island, located in the Gökova Gulf, has updated the island’s sale price from 145 million Turkish Liras ($9.8 mln) to 360 million liras ($24.3 mln).

Real estate agents in the southwestern province of Muğla’s Marmaris district, where the island is located, said the owner is a Turkish businessman living in the U.S.

According to an advertisement posted on e-property sites, there are three detached houses, three bays and 65 decares of woods on the 316,000-square-meter island, which is on the route of the blue voyage.

Though the island is an archaeological site and there are serious objections against its sale, the ad said, “Due to its zoning status, the new buyer can construct a marina, restaurant and an accommodation center.”

The island, named after the village facing it, is about 400 meters off the mainland.

The price per square meter was 459 liras ($31) until April 24. It has now jumped to 1,139 liras ($77) with the update of the asking price.

Famous Sedir Island is on the north of Karaca Island.

Turkeymarinas, a blog presenting famous bays of the country, recommended the island especially for skin diving enthusiasts.

“The sea on the east side of the island, which is 150 feet deep, hides sunken galleons from Roman times that used to transport wines to Rome in clay containers,” it reported.