Kadıköy revives with a festival at bazaar

Kadıköy revives with a festival at bazaar

Kadıköy revives with a festival at bazaar

This photo shows famous historic Haydarpaşa Train Station in Istanbul’s Kadıköy neighborhood.

The historical Kadıköy Bazaar is hosting the first Kadıköy Historical Bazaar Festival, which will began on June 22 and will continue through the weekend. Organized by the Kadıköy Municipality and Kadıköy Historical Bazaar Culture and Solidarity Association, the festival aims to bring neighborhood residents together with shopping, culture, art events such as dance and theater shows, and workshops in an open air environment.

The events are taking place on two stages that will be placed in front of Surp Takavor Church and on Mühürdar Street.

The bazaar, which is located in Istanbul’s Kadıköy neighborhood and dates back as far as Istanbul itself, has been revived with Turkish, Greek and Armenian traders since the beginning of the 18th century.

Kadıköy is an older settlement than those on the Asian side of the city of Istanbul. The major historical Haydarpaşa Station of Turkish State Railways is located close to Kadıköy’s center, serving eastbound and southbound international, domestic and regional trains.

The center of the neighborhood today is the transportation hub for people commuting between the Asian side of the city and the European side across the Bosphorus. There is a large bus and minibus terminal next to the ferry docks. Ferries are the most dominantly visible form of transport in Kadıköy, and the central bazaar area is adjacent to the ferry dock.