Istanbul's Riva Castle to be restored

Istanbul's Riva Castle to be restored

Istanbuls Riva Castle to be restored The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has pushed the button on the restoration of Riva Castle, situated on Istanbul’s Black Sea coast. A tender will be initiated on March 17 for the restoration and environmental organization of the castle.

The construction site delivery will take place within five days after the contract is signed and the restoration work will be completed in 400 days. 

Only Turkish companies will be able to join the tender and the most economically advantageous offer will be evaluated. 

The castle, which is estimated to have been built by the Genoese, has two bastions, one of which has collapsed. 

Another of Istanbul’s castles on the Black Sea coast, Şile Castle, was restored last year and faced harsh criticism from Turkish social media users, with many likening the updated appearance of the castle to cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.