ISIL-linked Ankara bombing suspect arrested

ISIL-linked Ankara bombing suspect arrested

ISIL-linked Ankara bombing suspect arrested

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A suspect with alleged links to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who was detained in the southeastern province of Gaziantep on April 6 over his alleged involvement in the deadly Ankara bombing on Oct. 10, 2015, was arrested on April 7.

An Ankara court ruled for the arrest of Hüseyin Tunç, one of the perpetrators of the attack who has links with ISIL, on April 7 after he was brought to the Turkish capital in connection with his alleged role in the Oct. 10, 2015 blast, upon the Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office’s demand.

Tunç was captured in an operation in the Şahinbey district on April 6.

According to allegations, Tunç took suicide bombers from the Syrian border and brought them to Gaziantep while also carrying explosives used in the attack. Tunç also allegedly had links with the so-called “emir” of the jihadist group, Yunus Durmaz.

The deadly double blasts ahead of a peace rally in Ankara in the autumn of 2015 killed 103 people and wounded hundreds, marking one of the deadliest attacks in the country’s history.