Iranian culture in Ankara

Iranian culture in Ankara

Iranian culture in Ankara

The Iranian cultural events will continue until June 30 in Ankara.

The Turkish capital of Ankara will be hosting Iranian culture and arts events, organized by Professor Alaybey Karoğlu, painter Orhan Doğru and Iranian artist Emir Afşani with the support of the Iranian Embassy in Ankara.

The exhibition will begin June 16 with a joint painting, calligraphy and sculpture exhibition of Turkish-Iranian artists and continue until June 30. 

The exhibition will feature works by leading Iranian artists and 85 Turkish artists as well as panel discussions and performances. 

On June 17, a panel will be held at the Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center with the attendance of Iranian Ambassador Ali Rıza Bikdeli and other Iranian officials. 

Hasan Hüseyin Nejad’s calligraphy exhibition, Efkan Beyaz’s painting exhibition and Azimet Karaman’s sculpture exhibition will be display on June 18. 

Exhibitions by Alireza Ağamiri, Belgin Onar Durmaz, Raziye Kianuş and Durmuş Ali Akça, Evren Tural, Necmettin Yağcı and Cafer Necibi can be seen on June 19 and 20.