Hungarian envoy praises Turkey on EU’s security

Hungarian envoy praises Turkey on EU’s security

ÇORUM – Anadolu Agency
Hungarian envoy praises Turkey on EU’s security

Hungarian Ambassador to Turkey Gabor Kiss said on April 5 that his country supports Turkey’s accession process to the European Union and commends Turkey’s efforts for the EU’s security.

Kiss met Central Anatolian Çorum province’s Mayor Zeki Gül and offered him to make any Hungarian city and Çorum sister cities.

“We had friendly relations in history. Political relations between the two countries are also excellent nowadays,” Kiss said during his visit.

He praised Turkey’s active role in accepting millions of refugees and fighting terrorism.

“We appreciate Turkey for hosting nearly 3.5 million Syrian refugees. We support Turkey’s EU accession process and we also praise Turkey’s efforts for European Union’s security,” he said.

On the other hand, he underlined that, one of the first countries to condemn the July 15, 2016 coup attempt was Hungary.

He pointed out that he has been in Turkey for seven years and visited touristic places including Istanbul, Kayseri and Trabzon.

“Turkey’s relations with the EU had difficulties recently. We will evaluate Mr. Ambassador’s sister city offer in our municipal council,” Gül said.