Heavy rains hit northern Turkey

Heavy rains hit northern Turkey

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Heavy rains hit northwest Turkey, causing traffic accidents, floods and farmland to be damaged.

A jeep lost control and hit concrete barriers in Istanbul’s Maltepe district due to slippery roads caused by the heavy rain. Driver Ömür Doğanay was killed in the accident while his pregnant wife Sezen Doğanay sustained injuries.

In the northwestern province of Edirne’s Yolageldi village, about 5,000 acres of land were flooded due to the heavy rains that continued for two days.

In Çanakkale, rain caused the Sarıçay creek to overflow its banks and a concrete bridge on the creek was closed to traffic due to risk of collapse. Çanakkale’s Bayramiç district was flooded after Kurşak creek overflowed its banks as well. Three people who climbed trees in order to escape the flood were rescued.

A heavy downpour also flooded streets in the northwestern province of Tekirdağ’s Çorlu district, leaving many cars stuck on the road. The municipality ordered those who reside near streambeds to evacuate their homes.

The heavy rain, which is also affecting Istanbul, is expected to continue until Dec. 5.