Heavy rains expected across country on weekend

Heavy rains expected across country on weekend

Heavy rains expected across country on weekend

The Turkish State Meteorological Service has warned of torrential rains across Türkiye, including Istanbul for the weekend.

Thundery showers are expected in the Marmara, the inner parts of Aegean, the west of Central Anatolia, the inner sections and eastern parts of the Black Sea, and Eastern Anatolian regions.

Heavy rains may also be observed especially in the Central Anatolian provinces of Niğde and Kayseri, the Black Sea province of Ordu, and the southeastern provinces of Batman and Siirt.

The weather conditions may cause dense fog in the southeast provinces of the Marmara region, the inner parts of the western and central Black Sea, and the north of Eastern Anatolia region at the weekend, starting from early Friday, Oct. 14.

The bureau foresaw that the temperatures will not significantly decrease and be around seasonal normal across the country except the inner and western parts.

The temperatures in the inner and western parts may gradually decrease, as per predictions.

The wind is expected to blow strongly from the north and northeast of the Marmara region.

The bureau warned people residing in these regions for staying prepared and exercising caution against falling trees and poles and possible disruption in transportation service.

There will be cloudy and intermittent showers starting from midday on Friday in the capital Ankara.

The weather in Istanbul will be partly cloudy while the local and intermittent showers will be observed beginning from Friday evening.

Intermittent showers and thunderstorms are expected in the western province of İzmir.

Meanwhile, Orhan Şen, a prominent meteorologist, stated in a social media post that systematic precipitation will hit the Aegean, Mediterranean, and western Black Sea provinces.

This precipitation will be observed in Marmara provinces from Friday through the end of the weekend, Şen added.