Group demands 'male brothel' in Turkey

Group demands 'male brothel' in Turkey

Group demands male brothel in Turkey

ŞEFKAT-DER has filed a petition to ask for permission to open a brothel for women. DHA photo

The Turkish anti-poverty association, ŞEFKAT-DER, filed a petition to Parliament on March 8 asking for permission to open a brothel for women that would employ males in protest of brothels where women are employed, daily Hürriyet reported yesterday. “If you cannot save women from the slavery [of brothels], then open a brothel where men are employed,” said the petition, which was also sent to the Interior Ministry and Family and Social Policies Ministry.

ŞEFKAT-DER’s head Hayrettin Bulan said they will hold a protest in Istanbul’s Taksim Square on March 17 to demand a brothel employing men.

Bulan said they were told that men need access to brothels at all time. “If men have needs, women have needs too. If they see places where women are slaves for the men, then the places where men will work for the women should be opened too,” Bulan said.