Four people killed in ‘love’ case

Four people killed in ‘love’ case

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Four people killed in ‘love’ case

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A young man opened fire on people at a textile store and then committed suicide by shooting himself Dec. 3, leaving four dead and one wounded.

According to witnesses 18-year-old Aziz Bozan brought a gun into the store on the ground floor of the textile factory he managed with his older brothers. He started arguing with his brothers Mehmet, Abdullah and Şeyhmus Bozan, and then shot his three brothers and a worker, Zeynep T., 16. Aziz Bozan shot himself in the head after severely injuring his brothers and Zeynep T.

The attacker Aziz Bozan died in the ambulance on the way to Bağcılar State Hospital.

Mehmet, Abdullah and Şeyhmus Bozan were taken to a private hospital, but Abdullah and Mehmet Bozan died there. Zeynep T., whom the assailant is claimed to have wanted a relationship with, also died at the polyclinic she was taken to.

Şeyhmus Bozan is in the intensive care unit in serious condition. The investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, in the Gültepe district of the Aegean city of İzmir, 24-year-old Okan Ö. shot and killed 29-year-old Pınar Ünlüer, mother of one, in front of a sandwich kiosk with a pump rifle for refusing to move in with or marry him.