Four killed in flood in southern Turkey

Four killed in flood in southern Turkey

Four killed in flood in southern Turkey

Rescue operations were launched following the devastating flood that hit Erzin. AA Photo

Four people drowned in a flood in the southern province of Hatay on Sept. 24 after strong rains hit the city.

The Hatay Governor’s Office said in a statement that the flood hit the Erzin district of the province, killing four people and leaving one person missing, Cihan News Agency reported Sept. 25.

“The bodies of Osman Başaran, Bayram Aydıngöli, Serap Aydıngöli and an unidentified body were found after the flood hit the city,” the statement read, adding that rescue workers are continuing to search for the one person who was reported missing.

Meanwhile, many people who were staying at hotels in the Ilıca neighborhood were evacuated after the flood.

In the meantime, rescue workers have continued searching for Mine Sağlam, 59, who went missing Sept. 24, in the Black Sea province of Rize after strong waves from the sea hit the coast line. Sağlam went missing after the waves hit while going to her garden.