Famous model puts on hijab for show

Famous model puts on hijab for show

Famous model puts on hijab for show

Tuğçe Kazaz says she has never discriminated against any person. Hürriyet photo

Famous Turkish model Tuğçe Kazaz, who has never before appeared in hijab fashion shows, promoted famous hijab brands during a fashion show that was recently held at Istanbul’s Adile Sultan Palace by Aysha Life and Style magazine, daily Millyet has reported.

“I really felt very good. Because when I looked at the magazine, its content impressed me. Its approach to women and what it sees inside a woman. I wanted to be a part of this. When choosing my works, I always consider the truth of my mind and the feeling of my heart. I really enjoyed the Aysha night,” Kazaz told members of the press after the show.

Core of being human

She said the spirit was at the core of being human. “I am aware of spiritual values. This is why I have never discriminated against any person. I am very happy that I reflected this tonight,” she added.

When asked whether she was thinking of wearing a hijab permanently, Kazaz sidestepped the question. “The pilgrimage and the hijab are private issues. People have a right to choose the shape of themselves. This is my privacy. I have received a fashion show proposal like this for the first time in 13 years and I accepted it because I liked the dresses,” she said.

Still, she admitted that the event had changed her life. “It is a long process that I cannot talk about it in a single interview. But sincerely, I can say that tonight was one of these changes,” Kazaz said.