Eurasian meet starts with theme of ‘think globally and act locally’

Eurasian meet starts with theme of ‘think globally and act locally’

Eurasian meet starts with theme of ‘think globally and act locally’

This file photo shows the opening of the 16th Eurasian Economic Summit held in Istanbul. This year’s summit will focus on issues such as human trafficking, the future of the energy and economy on the Silk Road and also importance of the peace.

The 17th Eurasian Economic Summit organized by Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research Foundation has started with the main theme of “thinking globally, acting locally,” in Istanbul. The summit will last until Feb. 6. The main topics to be addressed in the summit includes human trafficking, the future of the economy and energy on the Silkroad, possible changes in local administration and also the importance of peace.

Human trafficking consisting of illegal workers, immigrants and refugees along with women and children has reached to a level that is threatening civilization. It is established by international data that approximately 500,000 women and children have been brought from the Far East and the Middle East and sold in Western Europe alone. Especially trafficking of girls and women is observed in 85 percent of conflict zones. It is again established by international data that illegal money acquired through human trafficking amounts to billions of euros. The insufficiency of international legal regulations, the lack of international cooperation and coordination between borders, the deficiency and the lack of strategies and precautions to prevent the sexual abuse of women and children are another dimension of the issue’s importance.

Developments in the economy and energy should be evaluated in the context of Silkroad’s philosophy. Silkroad, which is a philosophy and equality project, will bring the Pacific and the Baltic Seas together.

The developments in the fields of economy and energy are flustering everyone and this shows the importance and value of the Silkroad project. If we are to accept that the monetary policies that are currently being implemented cannot be consistent, unless the world economy experiences an improvement, the increasing energy values will likely cause new economic crises. Countries’ foreign economic conjuncture and the impact of regional developments on countries are proportionate with energy. Again, countries own domestic political and social dynamics’ and market expectations’ connection with energy is also a reality. If the natural resource capacity forming in consumption falls short from the required level, the fact that energy will significantly affect the economy is another reality. And because it is known that sustainable prosperity can be achieved through more democracy, the future of the economy-energy spiral and the Silkroad projects are the future of humanity itself.

The realization of development in a country can only be achieved through the realization of ecological, economic and social sustainability.

Indications such as democracy and human rights are also required to be considered within the concept of development. Today, in an environment where the conditions of competition are increasing rapidly, the importance of local and regional development models are also increasing in parallel to globalization. In the future, the concept of “comparative superiority of nations” will be replaced by the concept of the “comparative superiority of cities and regions.” The conflicts and clashes circulating in our region are drawing people apart from peace with every passing day. It is a known fact that the lack of dialogue is creating a separate support mechanism to those who are in favor of conflict.

If we also accept that the source of disputes, conflicts and discrimination is the lack of dialogue, the importance of dialogue for our future will be revealed by definition. Due to these circumstances, what we need for the local and global peace that we await is dialogue and more dialogue. It is required to put an end to cultural stagnation, the slowing trend of social dynamism and not renewing the thought of competition. Accordingly, the need for the products of creative thought from local to global is a reality. The constant renewal and staying fresh through renewing in design and innovation is only possible if the aim is not “new” but “newer.” We need to be able to produce new values while giving up mediocrity and staying original, by believing that different thoughts and different designs will make life better and more meaningful. Being original is as valuable as being a cult. Not being original, not being able to create a unique design, is nothing more than being a servant for someone else’s style.

ICT is central to today’s most modern economies. Many international development agencies recognize the importance of ICT for development. Developing countries lag far behind developed nations in computer use and Internet access. For example, on average only 1 percent in Africa own a computer, while in North America and Europe more than half of the population has access to the Internet.

However, ICT has an impact on every part of economy. For example, farmers with Internet access are able to get better market price information and thus boost their income. Therefore, every part of society should be integrated. This is the only way to reach real development.

The constant renewal and staying fresh through renewing in design and innovation is only possible if the aim is not ‘new’ but ‘newer.’