English tourist dies in Antalya

English tourist dies in Antalya

ANTALYA - Doğan News Agency
English tourist dies in Antalya

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An English tourist died of a heart attack in the southern province of Antalya yesterday.

66-year-old Janice Margaret Young was part of a group of five who got lost in the Lycian Way in the Kaş region of Antalya.

Young wanted to show the region to her relatives who had come to visit her in Turkey, but the group got lost while sightseeing during the heat of the day. She was struck by a heart attack on the path, and her relatives rushed to the coast, waving their hands to attract the attention of passing boats. A fisherman who noticed the group called the local gendarmerie forces, but Young was unable to be saved.

64-year-old Johann Maurice Barrett and 66-year-old Judith Joan Barrett were sent to hospital, while 60-year-old Ronald Wood and 61-year-old Coral Anne Wood were sent to the Kalkan district.

Young's body has been sent to the forensic medical department for autopsy.