Donkey under protection gives birth

Donkey under protection gives birth

Donkey under protection gives birth

The donkey, which was injured by two shepherd dogs after the command given by its owners in Ankara, is being carefully looked after at the Retired Animals Farm in Bursa.

The donkey, named Zeynep, which also lost her foal in the dog attack, recently gave birth again.

The Retired Animals Farm was established in the northwestern province of Bursa’s Nilüfer district two and a half years ago by the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) so that the tortured and injured animals can spend the rest of their days in peace. Cattle and livestock animals in need of help from all over Turkey are brought to the farm and they are allowed to spend the rest of their lives there. The animals on the farm are being carefully looked after by HAYTAP volunteers.

Zeynep, the donkey, lives comfortably on the farm with her newborn baby named Burak.

HAYTAP Field Manager Zuhal Arslan stated that there was little sensitivity towards the farm animals, adding, “This is a paradise. Here, we treat the needy horses, donkeys, sheep, lambs and especially farm animals from all over Turkey, and then they live until they die of natural causes. We have many animals here, including cattle, sheep and poultry. They came here as injured or sick and stayed here after their treatment. Our aim to establish this place was to set an example for the whole country. Therefore, just as you can make a living space for cats and dogs, a living space can also be made for cattle. We wanted to give this message to all in Turkey.”

Stating that the donkey now lives a happy life on the farm with her new baby, Arslan said: “Unfortunately, Zeynep’s baby was killed by dogs in Ankara’s Haymana district. We immediately and legally brought the mother to our farm. She got pregnant again and recently gave birth here. She now has a son named Burak and is extremely happy here. Those bad days are now over. All of the animals that stay here have heartbreaking stories, and Zeynep’s story is one of them, which deeply saddens us.”