Doğan Group makes statement over false allegations

Doğan Group makes statement over false allegations

Doğan Group makes statement over false allegations The Doğan Group has issued a statement regarding false allegations directed at the company in recent days. The statement is as follows:

“Recently, baseless allegations have been put forward by distorting our group’s relationship with the German Axel Springer group, using the publications of some European newspapers and media organs against our government as an excuse. The facts on this issue are as follows:

1. The Axel Springer Group acquired a 25 percent stake in Doğan TV Holding in January 2007. There is no repurchase option in this agreement.

2. Since 2007, the Axel Springer Group’s stakes in Doğan TV holding have been gradually retaken. As of today, Axel Springer’s stakes in Doğan TV Holding have decreased to 6.68 percent.

3. Though it has stakes in Doğan TV Holding, the Axel Springer Group does not interfere in the editorial policy and the publishing content of Doğan TV Holding. Such an intervention is out of question.

4. The Doğan Group has no stakes in the Axel Springer Group. We have no connection with the publications of this group or its partner companies. We also have no participation in their management.

The attribution of foreign media publications to the Doğan Group and attempts to create a perception that there is a connection between the two is unjust slander and an attempt at defamation.”