Dancers without borders take stage amid pandemic

Dancers without borders take stage amid pandemic

Dancers without borders take stage amid pandemic

A group of artists in the Aegean province of İzmir has implemented a street dance project with the slogan “dance knows no borders and no place” amid the pandemic period.

Coming together for the project held as part of April 29, World Dance Day, they danced in the city’s squares, parks, bazaars and side streets.

Taking precautions against COVID-19 disease, especially in crowded areas, dancers showed their talent performing different dance forms such as ballet, Latin and hip-hop, while daily life goes on in the city.

Dancing at the Alsancak Train Station and several busy locations within the framework of the project, İpek Santürk, head instructor of Tan Sağtürk Academy - Mavişehir School, has pointed out that dance is of great importance in terms of physical health.

“Of course, we found creative solutions ourselves, even though we were stuck in the narrow spaces inside our homes during the pandemic period. However, we always long for the spaciousness to move freely under the lights of our studios and stages,” Santürk said.

Noting that they missed performing on stage and conducting shows and that they danced in several parks, bazaars, streets and even on sidewalks during the pandemic period, Sanıtürk stated that they celebrated the World Dance Day by turning the open-air venues into a kind of stage.

In the project, students from the Dokuz Eylül University Conservatory Ballet Dancing Department accompanied instructors and dancers of hip-hop, Latin, ballet, waacking and street jazz with them to perform on streets and celebrate World Dance Day.

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