Chinese take to Turkish art of marbling

Chinese take to Turkish art of marbling

BEIJING - Anatolia News Agency
Chinese take to Turkish art of marbling

The greatest interest in marbling was from Chinese children during the event. AA photo

Chinese people have displayed great interest in the traditional Turkish art of ebru during a marbling art show organized within the scope of the Turkish Culture Year in China.

People of all ages that attended a workshop held in Beijing’s Caoyang Park, were first shown how to make marbling art by a Turkish artist and then created their own marbling. The greatest interest in the art of marbling was from Chinese children, who successfully applied it.

Marbling artist Kubilay Eralp Dinçer said marbling was a traditional Turkish art that reached Anatolia from Central Asia via the Silk Road. He said Chinese people were very careful and had a facility for the type of art, adding that they had created very good things only by viewing the instructor.

Dinçer said the art of marbling had been made by Turks for 800 years and that there was a similar type of art on water made in China.

Turkish Ambassador to Beijing Murat Salim Esenli said various activities were being organized as part of the Turkish Culture Year with a goal of sharing Turkish arts with the Chinese.

He said events would continue in the second half of the year with Turkish film weeks, exhibitions and concerts.

Turkey celebrated 2012 as the Year of China. Now, in return, China is celebrating 2013 as the Year of Turkey, which was inaugurated with a ceremony on March 11 in Beijing.

It is expected that some 2,000 people will come to China in 2013. It is also provided discount tickets for passengers between Turkey and China.