‘Cappadocia’s cowboy’ organizes tours

‘Cappadocia’s cowboy’ organizes tours

‘Cappadocia’s cowboy’ organizes tours

Rahmi Özgür, who has been organizing horse tours for tourists in Cappadocia for nearly 20 years, draws particular attention for his cowboy-style appearance. 

Serving tourists in his farm, located among the fairy chimneys in the Göreme district of Cappadocia, 46-year-old Özgür also has workers wearing similar attire. They help tourists discover the beauties of Cappadocia during horse-riding tours in the valleys of the region, which is famously covered with unique rock formations and fairy chimneys. 

Özgür is personally involved in the care of horses, their education and tour arrangements, while he also works as a guide in horse-riding tours. 

Preparing the horses every morning for tours, Özgür draws attention for his cowboy-like dressing. 

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, he said he is happy to live in nature and he and his workers wear cowboy costumes to draw more attention. 

He added that his grandfather made his living in the past by buying and selling horses, and this is why he has been with horses since his childhood. 

He said that horse riding has become a passion for him and he is very happy to continue his grandfather’s business at the same time. 

“Organizing hourly and daily tours, we take tourists to places among the fairy chimneys where vehicles are prohibited to enter. We wear cowboy dress, which is suitable for riding horses. Our visitors are happy with this situation but recently, with the effect of the TV series ‘Diriliş Ertuğrul,’ they say we should also wear janissary clothing and hold swords and shields,” he said, referring to the popular series about precursors of the Ottoman Empire. 

“My father used to buy and sell horses in Göreme, so I spent my childhood with horses. We maintain our grandfather’s business and train the horses that we have. With the many horses in our farm we try to give the best service possible to tourists. The horses are looked after by me and my friends working here. As we are experienced about horses, we train them so they do not cause any problems during the tours. Having a herd mentality, the horses do not run and walk calmly in nature,” Özgür added.NEVŞEHİR 

He said Turkish people are not very familiar with horse riding but thanks to TV series such as “Diriliş Ertuğrul” young people have particularly started to show interest in it.