Cargo ship grounded by storm in Istanbul

Cargo ship grounded by storm in Istanbul

Cargo ship grounded by storm in Istanbul

A cargo ship was pushed ashore by severe storms on the evening of Feb. 3 in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu coast, Doğan News Agency reported. 

Tugs reportedly could not approach the ship due to severe weather conditions following the incident, while the ship was unmanned and did not have fuel on board when the incident happened.

The ship, named “Tallas Phnompenh” and carrying a Cambodian flag, was in a lay-up since 2015, anchored on the Marmara Sea when it was hit by the winds.

Air traffic impacted by severe weather conditions

Flights attempting to land at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport on Feb. 4 also had difficult due to the severe southwesterly winds.

While some planes had to circle above the airport before they could make their landings, one plane missed its approach while trying to land safely. One flight was redirected to an airport in the capital Ankara to make its landing.

The directions of runways at Atatürk Airport were also changed in response to the inclement conditions. Time distances between planes that were taking off and landings were also extended as part of safety measures.

As a result of the measures, traffic in the skies became jammed as planes had to wait in line to make their landings.

Maritime traffic also under pressure

Meanwhile, sea commutes were also impacted by the conditions.

Istanbul’s Fast Ferry and Sea Bus Company (İDO) and Bursa’s Fast Ferry and Sea Bus Company (BUDO) both announced the temporary cancelation of some services on Feb. 4 due to the weather.

Cable car services operating between Bursa and the popular ski hub Uludağ were also announced to have been canceled for the day.