Buy a bag to save a seed

Buy a bag to save a seed

Melis Alphan ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Buy a bag to save a seed

The income from the bags, which are made of natural material, will be donated to the Buğday Ecological Foundation.

TV, one of the most prominent Turkish TV news channels, have been broadcasting on green issues since the beginning of summer.

It has covered many topics, ranging from climate change to waste refinement, from organic food to green holidays. The programs on NTV’s Green Screen aim to address viewers’ questions on the environment, as well as guide them on how to lead a green life.

In its fifth year, NTV Green Screen has chosen “food” as its main topic.

In harmony with its chosen topic, NTV Green Screen has asked four young Turkish fashion designers to design sustainable bags.

Bags entirely made of natural material

Gamze Saraçoğlu, Gül Ağış, Nihan Peker and Özlem Kaya have produced bags that are made entirely from natural material.

Ağış dreamed of a world intertwined with nature while designing the bag. She thus drew a fairy girl with wings on the bag as a symbol of the public.

Peker traveled to the origins of nature and adorned the bag with a graphic design of a seed growing taller.

Kaya’s design is darker, and points to the end of nature.

Saraçoğlu, on the other hand, focused on the roots of nature that we don’t usually see.

The income from the bags will be donated to the Buğday Ecological Life Support Association.
The association works for the protection of local seeds, serving as the insurance for safe food in Turkey. It sets out with the purpose of generating an ecological awareness and sensitivity in individuals and the public, as well as presenting solutions to problems that emerge as a result of the rapid destruction of ecological balance.

The association stands up for a lifestyle in harmony with the environment, and especially works on projects focusing on food safety.

Buğday’s projects

Buy a bag to save a seed

Bazaars that are 100 percent ecological, the TaTuTa Ecological Farm Network and the Çamtepe Ecological Life Education Center in the Kaz Mountains are just a few of Buğday’s projects.

Its project on local seeds is especially important, as it helps find the local seeds that are nearly lost in Turkey. The association ensures that these seeds are planted in environmentally friendly farms and that they are shared around after the harvest. This way, the seeds become widespread.
Now, you too can help them spread even more.

With each environmentally friendly and fashionable bag you buy, you help to save one local seed.
The bags come in two sizes and are sold for 20 liras at D&R, Vakkorama and V2K stores, as well as on the web sites and