‘Black roses’ are becoming more well-known

‘Black roses’ are becoming more well-known

ŞANLIURFA – Anadolu Agency
‘Black roses’ are becoming more well-known

The black rose (Karagül), which can only be obtained in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa’s Halfeti district in the world, draws great interest from tourists due to its color. The rose is used in making products such as jam, perfume, cologne, chocolate, soap and crème. 

Under the leadership of Halfeti District Governor Şeref Albayrak, works have been ongoing to draw more tourists to Halfeti, which is called the hidden haven of the southeast for its historical stone houses and naturals beauties. 

Within the scope of these works, the black rose is grown in a greenhouse on the coastline for visitors to see. 

‘Black roses’ are becoming more well-known

Visitors of the district, which was included as a “slow city” network by the Cittaslow International Coordination Committee, have the chance to purchase products made by the black rose. 

An international perfume company has also produced a perfume named “Halfeti” by using the essence of the black rose and sells it for high prices in various countries. The purpose of these products is to make a contribution to the promotion of the “hidden city.” 

Albayrak said the black rose was also mentioned in TV series and books, adding that they wanted to make the rose more famous throughout the world. 

The district governor said tourism had a busy period this year and the black rose had an effect on it. 

“We have set up a greenhouse for black roses on the coast for people to see the black rose when they visit the district. We have also increased the cultivation areas of the rose in different parts of the district,” he said. 

“This year, women attending the Public Education Center produced jam, Turkish delight, perfume, chocolate, soap and crème with the black rose. Tourists have a chance to see the black rose in person and buy these products. A British brand used the essence of the black rose and made a perfume. This perfume was loved by people. The reputation of the black rose is out of the country and we want to attract more people to Halfeti and Şanlıurfa,” said Albayrak. 

Halfeti Public Education Center Director Eşref Arıkan said with 20 trainees, they have produced various products using the black rose. 

“This plant blossoms in the fall and spring. After that, we use it in the production. These products are appreciated by visitors and they also buy our products,” said the district governor.