BDP urges Turkish government for indiscriminate aid

BDP urges Turkish government for indiscriminate aid

BDP urges Turkish government for indiscriminate aid

A Syrian refugee cooks outside a tent at a camp. REUTERS photo

The Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has called for the government to effect immediate aid to Syria, stressing that Kurdish northern Syria is experiencing a critical “humanitarian crisis situation” and faces the dire risks of contagious disease and famine.

The BDP, in a statement released yesterday by party headquarters, urged immediate and indiscriminate assistance to the area. The party has stated that food, medicine and hygiene supplements must be immediately transferred to those in need, irrespective of bureaucratic and political obstacles. “Kurds and Arabs from Turkey can no longer stand by the situation of their relatives and the insensitivity of the AKP [the ruling Justice and Development Party] government,” the statement read.

Aid supplies must be delivered without reservations and distributed in a transparent and fair manner, in collaboration with municipalities of the region, the BDP said.

Call for ‘immediate’ act

“Therefore we are calling for the AKP government to immediately act on the issue of aid and open its borders to aid convoys without exceptions, irrespective of political interests,” the statement said.

On July 24, BDP deputy Nazmi Gür submitted a parliamentary question addressed to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in which he noted the imposition of an embargo on Kurdish cities. “Complaints indicating that no aid reached Kurdish cities in the north of Syria are increasing. Has there been an embargo implemented on this region? If so, whose decision is this?” Gür asked.