Bağış meets Turkish Jewish MPs

Bağış meets Turkish Jewish MPs

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Bağış meets Turkish Jewish MPs

EU Minister Egemen Bağış shakes hands with Vital Denis Ojalvo Öner. Daily News photo

Turkish E.U. Minister Egemen Bağış has met with the two Turkish-Jewish citizens chosen for the 120-member European Jewish Parliament, Cefi Kamhi and Vital Denis Ojalvo Öner.

Egemen Bağış congratulated both Kamhi and Öner, who were chosen with the votes of 3,379 Turkish citizens of Jewish descent, according to the reports. 400,000 of voters attended to the general elections all around Europe.

“I will tell Europe that we live together in peace in Turkey. I will tell the realities of the Ottoman and Turkish Republic. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia is alive in Europe, but we appreciate the Justice and Development Party’s minority policies,” Kamhi said.

The parliament aims to fight against anti-Semitism, and gathered for the first time last week in Brussels, at the European Parliament.

The Parliament aims to be the center for the 3 million Jews living in Europe.