Antalya zoo home to newborn species

Antalya zoo home to newborn species

Antalya zoo home to newborn species

With the arrival of spring, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Zoo and Wildlife Park has welcomed 150 new babies of different species. Among them are zebra, mountain goat, and lemur.

One of the largest zoos in Turkey with vast natural habitats and a growing population, the Antalya Zoo is home to 1,580 animals of 140 species.

Recently in the zoo, zebras, donkeys, gazelles, mountain goats, and lemurs gave birth to their babies.

According to officials, visitors especially show great interest in zebra and lemur babies. A female zebra who was born one day before the Eid al-Fitr was named Arefe. In the zoo, the number of zebras increased to eight with the birth of the new one.

Stating that new births are an indication of good animal welfare, Aygül Arsun, the zoo director and veterinarian, said,

“The increase in the animal population makes us happy. In March, a zebra named Çakıl was born, and now a female zebra Arefe was born in good health. Again, a donkey, one of the animal species that children love, gave birth to a cute baby. Visitors show great interest in donkeys.”

“We also had newborns of mountain goats and gazelles. The ring-tailed lemur family also welcomed two newborns,” Arsun added.