Antalya Women Museum turns 7

Antalya Women Museum turns 7

Antalya Women Museum turns 7

Antalya Women Museum (AKM), the first virtual women museum in the city, second in Türkiye and the 12th in the world, celebrates its seventh anniversary.

Established on Nov. 23, 2015, under the umbrella of Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV), the virtual museum aims to keep up with the digital age and tell the next generations about women who have achieved firsts.

The museum, a member of the International Association of Women’s Museums (IAWM) and has 13 advisory board members from different fields, has been organizing the Professor Jale İnan Antalya Woman of the Year Award since 2016. The award is named after İnan, one of the first female archaeologists of Türkiye. It gives the award to a woman who has added value to the city.

The website of AKM offers four digital exhibitions and interviews with 47 role model women.

ATAV President Yeliz Gül Ege, one of the founders of the Antalya Women Museum, noted that AKM archives the memory of the city and added, “This is a museum designed to commemorate the women of Antalya with their achievements all over the world. We are making an inventory of successful women in the city. We make video interviews with them and transfer them to the future.”

Interviews and exhibitions in the virtual museum can be accessed via and websites.