Akbank Sanat to host seminars on museum

Akbank Sanat to host seminars on museum

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Akbank Sanat will soon welcome a seminar series titled “Museum on an Art Stage,” which is being prepared by Ayşe Hazar Köksal.

The aim of the museum seminar is to discuss the relationship between creating art and exhibiting it at a museum. The historical background of the museum concept will be discussed during the seminars.

According to a written statement sent by the art venue: “Art and museums are engaged in a never-ending love-hate relationship. Art is willing to be perpetually updating and pioneering while also chasing after a place in history and existence in eternity. Museums seek to historicize art while bowing to the temptation brought by art’s destructive creativity.”

The seminar series will examine the passionate story between art and museums, dating back to the Renaissance period. Art museums’ existence in various knowledge regimes, from cabinets of curiosities to post-museums, from Euro-America to Turkey, will be discussed.

The seminars starts on July 18 and discussing “Proto-Museums: Mystery of Curiosity Cabinets,” while on July 19, the discussion will be on “Louvre Museum Rising Above Nation-States.” On July 25, “Museum of Modern Art, on the Throne of White Cube” will be discussed and finally on July 26, “Post-Museum or Modern Art Museums?” will be the main topic of the seminar.

Akbank Sanat requires no admission for the seminars. Seating is limited, and invitations will be available on the event day at the Akbank Art counter.