30 people stranded in heavy rains

30 people stranded in heavy rains

30 people stranded in heavy rains

Rescue workers saved people who were stranded in flood waters. DHA photo

A strong downpour which began on the evening of May 27 wreaked havoc in the northwestern province of Edirne, leaving some 30 people stranded in flood waters and forcing officials to temporarily close down a highway.

Authorities eventually re-opened the Edirne-Kırklareli highway to traffic at around 5 a.m. yesterday, some three hours after it had been closed due to Oğulpaşa Creek overflowing and flooding nearby areas. A group of 26 citizens were left stranded in minibuses they typically sleep in at night. They reportedly woke up during the night to find their vehicles were being flooded and called the police for help. Firefighters, law enforcement officials and paramedics eventually arrived on the scene and managed to rescue them after about two hours.

Rescue teams also saved another four people who were stranded in the vicinity of Oğulpaşa Creek, while officials dispatched engineering vehicles to remove some 11 vehicles that were submerged under the flood waters.

Compiled from Doğan news agency and CNNTürk stories by the Daily News staff in Istanbul.

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