23 detained in public procurement probe

23 detained in public procurement probe

ANKARA - Doğan News Agency
The Ankara Police Department raided yesterday morning the offices of the Public Procurement Authority (KİK) upon receiving information regarding schemes to rig bids on state tenders and profit from the firms that lost the tenders by drawing up reports in favor of the firms.

Anti-smuggling and anti-organized crime police detained 23 people including Ali Kaya, former vice president of KİK, who currently holds a seat on the board of the authority, and rapporteurs Osman Tuna and Şenol Vanuer. Most of the remaining detainees were businessmen and company owners. Police seized numerous files on many tenders at offices of the KİK. 

A yearlong investigation

Police also searched the houses and offices belonging to the suspects. It was claimed police learned in their yearlong investigation of schemes to rig bids on 40 tenders. Police are investigating the assets of the detainees and began interrogations. The number of detainees may rise, sources said.

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