Wounded wild birds released into nature

Wounded wild birds released into nature

Wounded wild birds released into nature

Six wild birds have been released back into their natural habitat after being treated at a medical center for two months in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir.

Speaking to Demirören News Agency, veterinarian Mehmet Uğur Altuncu said that two red hawks, two common buzzards, a goshawk and a sedge buzzard were released following their treatment.

Noting that the adaptation of wild animals to humans during the rehabilitation process makes treatment difficult, the expert said that these animals face great problems when they return to nature.

Altuncu stressed that the injured animals were isolated from humans for another month after their treatment was completed.

“Our only contact is when we are giving their food. In this way, we somehow distance the animals from ourselves and prepare them for the natural environment,” he added.

The full-fledged center within a local zoo treats wild animals that have been wounded for various reasons.