Women ran for a better world

Women ran for a better world

Women ran for a better world

The marathon for women, which was titled the ‘High Heels Marathon,’ also witnessed interesting scenes. A Turkish TV series star Wilma Elles, was among the runners who ran for a better world and to protest violence against women in Antalya’s ‘Runtalya’ Marathon.

Over the weekend Turkey witnessed women’s rights marathons in the southwestern city of Antalya and the southeastern city of Şanlıurfa.

While in Şanluırfa women ran to protest child brides and violence against women, Antalya hosted female runners to raise awareness for women-dedicated nongovernmental organizations, which struggle to overcome women’s issues in Turkey.

While the Şanlıurfa Marathon winners won cumhuriyet gold, women ran for the underlying issue of raising their voices against violence. Women in Şanlıurfa carried banners saying “We are against child brides in Turkey.” A total of 300 women ran in the marathon.

The Şanlıurfa Marathon was organized by Karaköprü Municipality. The marathon aimed to raise awareness against cancer. The winners Derya Canbeyli, Bahar Dağ and Nuray Akdağ were given cumhuriyet gold, and Gov. Nihat Çiftçi gave t-shirts as presents to the attendees.

The Şanlıurfa Marathon took place simultaneously with the Runtalya Marathon in Antalya.

The seventh Runtalya Marathon kicked off yesterday. The marathon, which was organized by Öger Tur and the Antalya Culture Center, hosted wheelchair marathoners. The marathon consisted of half, full and 10 km marathons and kick started at Gov. Mustafa Akaydın’s signal.

The marathon took place at Atatürk street, Işıklar street, Fener neighborhood and Lara Beach Road.
A total of 3,200 people attended the marathon. Selma Karakoç, a teacher from Van who had organized an aid project, also attended the marathon with seven people from Van.

Women also ran to raise awareness of the nongovernmental organizations that struggle to solve the issues of women in Turkey.

The marathon for women, which was titled “High Heels Marathon,” also witnessed interesting scenes.
Turkish TV series actress Wilma Elles ran in high heels for women. She ranked fifth at the marathon. Elles is currently taking part in the series “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki” (As Time Goes By).

The women ran with 7-cm-high shoes at the marathon. The theme of the marathon was “Each woman has a different heel voice.”

The money raised by the marathon will be given to the Turkish Education Association and the Turkish Paraplegia Association. Women ran for a better world and a better Turkey.

The High Heel Marathon, which was 100 meters, ended with glory. While Semra İşcen finished the marathon within 14 seconds, she won 3,000 Turkish Liras. Şükriye Yıldız ranked in the second place and won 2,000 liras. Third place belonged to Tuğba Er, winning 1,000 liras.