Woman handcuffed, beaten at police station

Woman handcuffed, beaten at police station

İZMİR - Vatan
Woman handcuffed, beaten at police station

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A Turkish daily has released footage showing three police officers beating a detained woman in the Aegean province of İzmir.

The footage was obtained from a police station in İzmir and was recorded in July, according to the report by Kemal Göktaş of daily Vatan. 

Fevziye Cengiz was at a music hall with her husband and other family members in July when police raided the location to conduct an identification check. Cengiz's husband reportedly went to their car parked nearby to fetch her ID card. 

As Cengiz said she was trying to explain that her husband was bringing her ID from the car, one of the officers allegedly hit her from behind and said, "Don't you want to come, [expletive]," and forcefully detained her. 

Woman handcuffed, beaten at police station

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Police officers allegedly continued the beating all the way to the police station, Cengiz said. 

Once at the station, Cengiz said the policemen beat and sexually harassed her, adding that she was forced to lie on the ground in handcuffs while officers continued the beating. An officer in police uniform closed the station’s curtains to prevent anyone outside from witnessing the incident.

Security camera recordings were brought to the prosecutor’s office after she made a complaint.

Policemen file complaint

Meanwhile, the policemen who allegedly beat Cengiz filed a complaint against her, claiming she swore at them as they invited her to the police station.

"She pushed me,” one of the policemen said, while another said Cengiz "scratched" his arm.

6.5 years for Cengiz, 1.5 for policemen

The policemen face 1.5 years in prison on charges of "causing injury with excessive force,” while Cengiz faces up to 6.5 years in jail on the grounds that she “injured” and “insulted” the police officers.