Woman ‘discovers’ husband’s infidelity in Turkish novel

Woman ‘discovers’ husband’s infidelity in Turkish novel

Özge Eğrikar - ISTANBUL
Woman ‘discovers’ husband’s infidelity in Turkish novel

The novelist is being accused in a divorce case

A Turkish woman has cited the intimate descriptions of an affair in a romance novel as evidence in her divorce case, arguing that her husband cheated on her with the author of the book.

According to the legal documents obtained by daily Hürriyet, a 36-year-old woman filed for divorce from her husband of 16 years at the Istanbul Family Court, after she coincidentally read a novel in which her husband’s extra-marital affair was described in great detail.

The novel, which can still be found on bookshelves throughout Turkey, tells the story of an extra-marital affair. Its author had recently said during a newspaper interview that the book was based on a true story.

“The book tells the relationship between the author and [the woman’s husband]. It includes details such as the drowning of his father in the sea, detailed descriptions of their house, the make of his car, his favorite cafe and even more personal details like the sweating of his palms,” the woman’s attorney explained in their petition for divorce.

There are many more real-life parallels, the petition claimed. “For instance, once there was a party and the client wanted to attend, but her conservative Muslim husband did not let her. Then, we learn from the book that her husband actually went to that party with the author of the novel, while his wife stayed at home,” it read.

“My client was cheated on in her own home, as can be read from the novel in which all the decorative details of their home, such as the pattern of the wallpaper, are described in the book. Moreover, her husband promoted the novel on his social media accounts and the book itself includes a ‘dedication’ to him,” it added.

Along with the divorce, the plaintiff demanded 100,000 Turkish Liras in compensation and 3,000 liras in monthly alimony for both of their children.