Wildfires hit southern Turkey

Wildfires hit southern Turkey

ANTALYA - Doğan News Agency
Wildfires hit southern Turkey

The fire near Mazı Village in Muğla was extinguish with the aid of planes.

Forest fires in several districts in the western and southwestern parts of Turkey have damaged more than 100 hectares of land and threatened some settlements.

A forest fire started in the Serik district of southern Antalya Province’s district yesterday, threatening some settlements in the region and resulting in the evacuation of some villages.

District governor of Serik Ahmet Ümit gave instructions to vacate the villages due to the fire.

Some 200 fire workers and 10 water tankers were still attempting to extinguish yesterday evening.

“The necessary measures were taken in settlement regions near the location of the fire and we are continuing to get the fire under control,” the General Directorate of Forestry said.

In another forest fire in Muğla’s Datça province some 40 heacters of land was damaged, district governor Hamdi Üncü said.

An additional fire watch was started at three different points near Mazı Village in Muğla, stirring up fear among locals. The fire went on approximately nine hours, and was extinguish with the aid of planes.
Another forest fire that broke out in Ankara’s Beypazarı yesterday was extinguished. The Beypazarı governorate said the fire had affected 80 hectares of land.